About Us

As long as I can remember, I have loved handcrafted soaps. Whether it was a beautiful bar of soap from the Farmer's Market or Aunt Terrie's White Elephant gift that my husband and I would strategically compete for. Handcrafted soap's have always brought a sense of enjoyment to my life and some how my love of soap was passed down to our children. I've been saddened over a newly favorite bar of soap that was nearly gone or magically disappeared after the children had taken a shower. So I decided to make our own soap in efforts to satisfy my love for soap and our children's disappearing acts.

I begun my new adventure by calling my sister Loretta, who already sells handcrafted soaps at a local Farmer's Market. Loretta warned about how addictive soap making can be and she was right (don't let that go to your head little sis, you were right once). Now I lay in bed after my evening prayers, thinking about my next soaping adventure.

Some soap adventures take longer than others. My favorite soaping adventures start with a seed, dirt, water, and a lot of sun. Life is always better with a lot of sun! Calendula is one of my favorite plants to grow and is absolutely gorgeous. Once the flower is harvested and dried, the Calendula will be soaked in a carrier oil for 6-8 weeks before making a debut in a soap recipe. 

Nature blesses us all with natural wonders. We try to capture the best quality organic and natural products for our soaps whether it's from our gardens or someone else's. Our skin is our largest organ and we should love our skin with pure safe products and that is what we want to deliver. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.